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Luxury, Outerwear, Performance wear & Sportswear, New Innovation.
Fabric types:
Other, Knit
Pangaia is both a direct-to-consumer materials science company as well as a B2B platform bringing breakthrough textile innovations and patents into the world through essential products and partnerships called Pangaia Science. They have been partnering with mill partners to create proprietary blended fabrics focused on sustainable innovations. They offer a full-service menu of options for companies, innovators, brands and suppliers to support the transition to a more sustainable fashion industry through the adoption of innovative materials and processes. Brands can choose either from our library of sustainable and innovative fabrics or custom design services to create their own fabric. They have a portfolio of unique technologies – FLWRDWN™, C-FIBER™, PPRMNT™ and more – and accompaniment to help implement them. Pangaia can also offer the D2C collection as a “blank canvas” for corporate gifting, events, and other special occasions. For innovators, Pangaia B2B provides several support services to help sell and market their technologies.