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Accessories, Casual wear, Luxury, Outerwear.
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Oshadi is a contemporary textile brand integrating age-old weaving and dyeing techniques of India with modern design manipulation and forward-thinking materials. We create progressive textiles that are founded in nature. From indigenous Kala cotton to our Opsilk, our production methods offer designers environmentally friendly solutions that promote and protect traditional skills in rural areas for future generations. We working with brand partners to create and develop regenerative cotton farming systems that facilitates fair income distribution throughout the supply chain as well as supporting the traditional textile community that surrounds the farm. The cotton will be ginned, handwoven, naturally dyed and block printed using centuries old methods that don’t require chemicals but, rather, work in harmony with nature. Oshadi recently collaborated with Stella McCartney to develop handwoven peace silk fabric with as little impact on the environment as possible for the Commonwealth Fashion Exchange, an initiative conceived by Eco-Age, at the Buckingham Palace, that celebrates artisanal fashion and skilled craftsmanship from Commonwealth's 53 countries.