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Casual wear, Luxury, Outerwear, Performance wear & Sportswear.
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Established in 1954 and now having reached the third generation, Olmetex specializes in the production of high performance technical fabrics aimed at the fashion industry. The company strategies, starting from the 80s, have led to investing more and more in the process of transformation and finishing of the fabric. Today, thanks to its highly technological and avant-garde weaving and finishing departments, Olmetex is considered a leader in its sector. The production chain is controlled starting from the selection of the yarn up to the finished product, thanks to a traceability and subdivision system that aim to optimize production processes and reduce waste. Since 2010, the company has undertaken to eliminate the use of substances harmful to health and the environment, adopting an increasingly greener approach and thus promoting numerous collaborations with the best luxury brands. At the same time, the company has invested in new machinery, transforming and optimizing the production cycle. In addition, it has installed a cogeneration plant capable of self-producing electricity and heat which allows to heat a large part of the plant.