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Accessories, Luxury, Outerwear, New Innovation.
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Mantero is a family owned textile company founded in 1902. For more than a century, Mantero has been the leader in the creation, production and distribution of men and women's luxury textile fabrics and accessories. Arts and professional skills coexist – design, weaving, traditional screen printing, digital printing, finishing, edging and quality control. Our sustainability strategy is focused on a philosophy that we have called RESPECT, which combines the economic dimension with the respect for environment and people. Since 2015 the company has implemented the ZDHC Programme and adopted the Chemical Management 4Sustainability Protocol to eliminate hazardous chemicals and minimise consumer and textile industry workers health risks. In addition, it has been installed a steam loss reduction system, a photovoltaic and an Led lighting systems, a new equipment in the central heating plant, which makes it possible to recover heat and use it to heat the water during the washing processes, saving methane and reduced CO2 emissions.