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Accessories, Casual wear, Outerwear.
Fabric types:
Woven, Knit
Maeko Tessuti was born from Mauro Vismara's passion for hemp fiber who, in 1998, freed his entrepreneurial streak, deciding to definitively abandon the osteopathic activity to take his first steps in the world of natural fabric production. Thus he dedicates himself to a new and exciting activity that combines his strong interest in the use of natural resources with the attentive listening to new needs by the Fashion sector, particularly in the field of Ethics. Determined to offer interesting news to a restless and eager for alternatives sector, he studies, knows and interprets yarns of natural origin to create particular and interesting weaves and create new and precious fabrics. Maeko, in collaboration with Colorsystem, develops a special space dedicated to the Dyeing phases, also useful for spreading the use of GOTS certified colors. This activity aims to maintain strict control of the entire production route and to remain in line with the directives dictated by the REACH Regulation (control for the safety of the use of chemical substances). Thus was born, in the province of Como, a technical dyeing department that allows the supply of different services, useful both for its own productions and for all companies in the fashion / furniture sectors that require them. This department is aimed at focusing attention on the services most requested by the companies themselves, such as the Lab Dip, an indispensable tool useful for the study of samples, or dyes for more limited productions,