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Casual wear, Outerwear, Performance wear & Sportswear.
Fabric types:
Woven, Knit, knit
Everest Textile Co., Ltd. (Everest Textile) is the first vertically integrated textile manufacturer in Taiwan which specializes in yarn texturizing, weaving, knitting, dyeing, post-finishing (including printing, coating, laminating) and garment production. Everest Textile is a leading sustainable enterprise and all of its products and processes are certified by the Swiss bluesign organization. Everest Textile continues to develop fusion innovation - fashion and functional fabrics based on bio-based materials and becomes an indispensable, long-term partner with international and outdoor sports brand customers. To date, Everest Textile owns more than 300 business partners in the world and has very close relationship with Nike, Decathlon, Lululemon, The North Face, GAP, POLO, and Patagonia. Everest Textile makes sustainable products locally with global thinking. All its six worldwide plants are constructed as the eco-industrial parks, equipped with the smart hardware and software as well as energy-saving and carbon-reducing installations. The massive mission of Everest Textile is “contribute to the society and change the world”. The core corporate values are based on goodness and altruism. Everest Textile deeply follows the rule of “learning by doing and doing by learning” to improve the powers of innovation, sustainability, smart, and lean production, aiming to achieve the triple-bottom-line in economy, environment, and society.