PYRATEX® cosmetic 6 (Jersey)

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Basic information

Description: This light seacell skin caring fabric is made from a USDA certified biobased fibre with an anti oxidative capacity which eliminates free radicals while caring for the wearer's skin, successfully treating neurodermatitis and psoriasis. Seacell is a fibre originating from the Northern Atlantic, with anti oxidant properties, certified by European laboratories, thanks to its high content in Vitamin E and minerals such as sodium, magnesium or calcium. It also inhibits the formation of free reactive oxygen species, which are formed in living organisms when in contact with oxygen and act by altering cell membranes and attacking the genetic material of cells. The seacell fiber is blended with Standard 100 Oeko-Tex certified tencel® fibers, produced in Austria, Great Britain and the U.S: they are renewable, wood-based fibers, based on various tree species, including eucalyptus, spruce, pine, birch and beech. All these tree species are grown in natural forests and sustainably managed plantations, without using chemical fertilisers. Close to 100% of the wood and pulp used to create tencel® fibers is FSC® or PEFCTM certified or controlled, and the fibers are compostable, fully biodegradable undersoil and marine conditions · Wood is a renewable raw material, and, as a result of being sourced from sustainably managed forests, tencel® fibers have a low carbon footprint: the climate change impact of tencel® fibers is 60% lower than that of generic lyocell ·

Estimated Lead-time:

Swatch: N/A

Sample: 1-3 days

Mass Quantity:  28 - 56 days

Factory Location: Italy

End Use: T-ShirtSweatshirtPants

Material details

Fabric Type: Knit

Fabric Composition: 100% Seacell

Weave: Jersey

Construction: n/a

Width (Effective): 160 cm

Weight (Finished): 150 g/m2

Finishing: We finish all our fabrics with vapour, not chemicals, in order to preserve their properties