Dimpora Sane Membrane

Standard Colour
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Colour Code: (Pantone: N/A)
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Basic information

Description: Dimpora's sane membrane’s process allows the use of biodegradable polymers. The membrane is one part of a biodegradable laminate, with fabric and adhesive. After the lifetime of the product, it can be directly returned to nature without leaving a trace.

Estimated Lead-time:

Swatch: 1-3 days

Sample: 5-7 days

Mass Quantity:  90 - 120 days

Factory Location: Switzerland

End Use: Back PackHardshell JacketJacketSoftshell Jacket

Material details

Fabric Type: Other

Fabric Composition: 100% Bio-Polymer


Construction: n/a

Width (Effective):  cm

Weight (Finished):  g/m2


Properties: BreathableMoisture Permeability (M/P)Waterproof (W/P)