Plain Bio-based Nylon 1

MOQ:5000.0 m
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Standard Colour
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Basic information

Description: Plain Full Dull bio-based nylon suitable for shell - BASF yarn made from bio-waste which produce 35% less CO2. For a limited time, you can purchase greige fabric of this article MOQ FREE. For more info, please contact the Techstyle team.

Estimated Lead-time:

Swatch: N/A

Sample: 5-7 days

Mass Quantity:  85 - 90 days

Factory Location: Taiwan

End Use: Puffer / Insulated JacketSoftshell Jacket

Material details

Fabric Type: Woven

Fabric Composition: 100% Bio-based Nylon

Weave: Plain

Construction: 178T*120T/40D*40D

Width (Effective): 147 cm

Weight (Finished): 61 g/m2

Finishing: FC-Free DWR+Cire (A/P 0.4 ccs, ASTM D737)

Properties: Air PermeabilityDownproofDurable Water Repellent (DWR)