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Basic information

Description: Nova Kaeru has also developed a vegan “leather” alternative called beLeaf™, derived from the large tropical plant leaves (called ‘Elephant Ear’) and tanned with an organic process. The tropical plant leaves are not monoculture, commercial crops – they are renewable resources that grow freely on the banks of forests and rivers. They are collected in sustainable areas near the Nova Kaeru facilities and planted together with reforestation farms. The close proximity of beLeaf™ production decreases the carbon footprint, and emissions are offset by the positive impact of reforestation, which provides oxygen to the atmosphere. In addition, organic waste from the tanning processes are composted and reused as soil nutrients to help protect biodiversity and waterways, and water from tanning is reused for irrigation of the plants. Nova Kaeru has developed its own organic, chrome-free tanning technology based on a blend of biodegradable acrylic resins, polymers, glutaraldehyde, synthetic & vegetable tannins. This more sustainable tanning approach leads to superior, quality materials free of heavy metals that are environmentally safe. PLEASE NOTE, THIS PRODUCT IS IRREGULAR IN SHAPE SO IT'S PRICED AND SOLD AS INDIVIDUAL PIECES - THE EXACT PRICE MIGHT VARY. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE IN THE U.S.A.


Estimated Lead-time:

Swatch: N/A

Sample: 1-5 days

Mass Quantity:  45 - 50 days

Factory Location: Netherlands

End Use: Bags & WalletsCaps & HatsJacketPantsSkirt

Material details

Fabric Type: Leather / Skin

Fabric Composition: 100% BeLeaf


Construction: n/a

Width (Effective):  cm

Weight (Finished):  g/m2


Properties: n/a