Upcycled I (Unbrushed fleece Recycled Cotton Organic Cotton)

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Basic information

Description: 10-20% of garment manufacturing textiles end up in landfills 5% of total landfill space is occupied by textile waste 95% of textile residue that ends up in landfills each year is recyclable ​ Our PYRATEX® upcycled I fabric is made with GOTS certified organic cotton, blended with upcycled cotton, which originates from post industrial and post consumer textile waste. Our fiber producer collects textile residues, used garments and fabric waste from productions all over the world. ​ 1kg of virgin cotton needs around 13 000 litres of water during farming, processing and dying. 1kg of our upcycled cotton needs 0 litres: it is not farmed, processed, nor dyed. The fibers are mechanically recycled, and the yarn is spun in Spain, a process during which 50% of the energy used is solar. It is not a chemical recycling process, and no pulp is involved: the fiber is, and remains, cotton. Properties: 7,464 LITERS OF WATER IMPACT SAVE PER KG. 28 KWH ENERGY IMPACT SAVE PER KG. 11,8KG CO2 IMPACT SAVE PER KG.

Estimated Lead-time:

Swatch: N/A


Mass Quantity:  28 - 56 days

Factory Location: Italy

End Use: PantsSweatshirt

Material details

Fabric Type: Knit

Fabric Composition: 50% Recycled Cotton,50% Organic Cotton

Weave: Unbrushed fleece

Construction: n/a

Width (Effective): 155 cm

Weight (Finished): 440 g/m2

Finishing: We finish all our fabrics with vapour, not chemicals, in order to preserve their properties