Bio II (Jersey Bio-based Nylon)

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Basic information

Description: Made with PLA, and 100% biodegradable under industrial composting conditions, and Refibra, a fiber made from post industrial cotton waste pulp and wood. It is produced in the lyocell production process, made from pulp containing recycled cotton scraps left over from cutting operations and wood. Refibra is made based on EU award-winning tencel® technology, the most eco-friendly production thanks to its closed loop production of 99.7%, and its use of bioenergy. It combines wood as a renewable raw material from sustainable forest plantations, with the recycling of cotton scraps. Properties: 70% LESS CO2 EMISSIONS IN MANUFACTURING THAN POLYESTER: Quality and environmental management system ISO 9001 and 14001 GOOD MOISTURE CONDUCTANT: Water absorption of 0,4-0,6% (65% rel. humidity, 25h) 100% BIODEGRADABLE: Certified DIN EN 13432 for industrial composting. The supplier requires customers to sign a standard NDA before any swatch / fabric orders can be shipped.

Article ID: PYRATEX® bio II

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Mass Quantity:  28 - 56 days

Factory Location: Spain

End Use: Sports BraLeggings / Yoga PantsPantsT-ShirtSweatshirt

Material details

Fabric Type: Knit

Fabric Composition: 70% Bio-based Nylon,30% TENCEL Lyocell

Weave: Jersey

Construction: n/a

Width (Effective): 150 cm

Weight (Finished): 160 g/m2

Finishing: We finish all our fabrics with vapour, not chemicals, in order to preserve their properties