Cosmetic II (Jersey Organic Cotton Seacell)

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Basic information

Description: This skin caring fabric is made from GOTS certified organic cotton blended with seacell, a USDA certified bio based fiber with an anti oxidative capacity which eliminates free radicals while caring for the wearer's skin, successfully treating neurodermatitis and psoriasis. Properties: ANTI IRRITATION: Fiber is proven to be compatible with human skin cells (keratinocytes) ELIMINATES FREE RADICALS: Captures reactive oxygen species, preventing them from interacting with the skin and damaging it SKINCARE: Seacell contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals beneficial for skin The supplier requires customers to sign a standard NDA before any swatch / fabric orders can be shipped.

Article ID: PYRATEX® cosmetic II

Estimated Lead-time:

Swatch: 1-3 days


Mass Quantity:  28 - 56 days

Factory Location: Italy

End Use: T-ShirtSweatshirtPants

Material details

Fabric Type: Knit

Fabric Composition: 80% Organic Cotton,20% Seacell

Weave: Jersey

Construction: n/a

Width (Effective): 150 cm

Weight (Finished): 225 g/m2

Finishing: We finish all our fabrics with vapour, not chemicals, in order to preserve their properties