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Digitally showcase your materials

Directly and effectively engage with customers

Easily manage your sales leads and orders

Trusted by 350+ brands and suppliers in 20+ countries

Why suppliers join Techstyle?

Showcase products 24/7

  • Showcase your materials to customers anywhere, anytime
  • Get exposure to top brands leading the sustainable movements
  • Upload products once and promote them instantly to all buyers

Reach more customers & gain insights

  • Boost your digital presence and reach thousands of customers
  • Build relationships directly with customers via our platform and chat function
  • Marketplace data provide you demand trend and customer insights

Capture and optimize every sales opportunity

  • Optimize revenue by using our data-empowered sales tools
  • Capture every lead at trade-shows by linking physical products to the marketplace
  • Integrate your ERP system to enable real-time product availability

Streamline your business development

  • Systemised data upload allows you to digitise product info in a few clicks
  • Outsource swatch requests to Techstyle and minimise your resource spent
  • Digitized order system saves you time in managing enquiries and purchases

How it works

  • Subscribe

    Choose the plan that suits your needs

  • On-board and upload products

    Upload material data, images and create your product showroom

  • Promote and sell

    Connect with customers, propose products and grow your sales

Key features

Curated digital showroom

Digital showroom

Showcase your products online and share promotional marketing collateral to customers anywhere, anytime

Product security

Keep the exclusive products for your chosen customers by changing the product setting to ‘private’ visibility

Sustainability standards

Upload standard certificates to enhance product credibility and build trust with customers

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Powerful sales & customer engagement tools

Fabric enquiry & proposal tool

Inbound enquiries are systemised, allowing you to easily assess the potential revenue opportunities and propose products

Chat function

Organised internal chat channels allow you to communicate directly with customers on your own terms

Platform & user analytics

Integrated analytics empower you with insights on demand trend, customer profile and sales conversion progress

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Efficient order and database management system

Streamlined data upload

Multiple data upload methods allow you to easily manage and customise data presented on your materials

Automated order management

Digitised order management including invoicing function help you to better track and manage open and completed orders while saving time

Inventory sales

Dedicated inventory section gives you the option to set discounts and easily clear stock fabrics

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