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Why brands join Techstyle?

Sustainable and effortless sourcing

  • Access the widest range of sustainable materials
  • Source from certified, responsible suppliers
  • Energy footprint is provided on each material

Make purchases without MOQ

  • Order only what you need via our crowd-sourcing service
  • Avoid over purchase and surcharges while minimising waste
  • Option to customise your fabric colours and finishing

Gain efficiency and reduce costs

  • 24/7 access to constantly updated material selection
  • Manage multiple orders on a single dashboard
  • Volume discount and commission free pricing

Product info made transparent

  • Supplier certificates are instantly downloadable
  • Material data are available at your fingertips
  • Easily search and compare materials

TECHSTYLE is our one-stop shop to discover and source sustainable fabrics and the newest material innovation, not to mention the purchase process is also much easier & faster now.

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    Order swatches, sample or bulk meters directly from suppliers via a single platform

Key features

One-stop shop for sustainable materials

Widest sustainable materials range

Including latest material technology innovation as well as upcycled fabrics

Verified suppliers

Certified against the relevant minimum standard (i.e. Bluesign partners, Oeko-Tex 100)

Integrated impact tools

Assess environmental footprint of each material and actively manage your sustainability goals

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MOQ free crowd-sourcing

Crowd-source selected materials

A unique Techstyle feature that removes the MOQ limit by aggregating multiple orders

Pledge your order with no MOQ

‘Co-purchase’ with other brands by first pledging the desired quantity with no up-front payment

Product customisation

Most materials can be dyed and finished according to your chosen specification

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Smart search & sourcing request functions

Easy to use sourcing tools:

Quickly find the relevant materials by using the Search Bar and filters

Bespoke Sourcing Request

Receive proposals from suppliers and our material experts

Product Inspiration

Data driven algorithm will suggest material options most relevant to you

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Everything you need to create each collection effortlessly and without restriction

$20 USD/monthUp to 5 users
  • All standard features
  • Access to full material library
  • Fabric enquiry tool
  • Crowd-Sourcing
  • Supplier chat channel
  • Bespoke Content & Webinar


Customise the service you require and access unrivaled support

POAUnlimited Users
  • All standard features
  • Access to full material library
  • Fabric enquiry tool
  • Crowd-Sourcing
  • Supplier chat channel
  • Bespoke Content & Webinar
  • Customised System Integration
  • Multi-User Management System
  • Impact Management Tool
  • Digital Session with Suppliers

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Comparison Table


Fabric Database

Digital Material Library

Discover sustainable materials ranging from natural & synthetic fibres to leather and new technologies

Basic Fabric Data

All the essential data such as prices, MOQ and technical info are available at your fingertips

Digital systems & tools

Smart Search Capabilities

Use the Smart Search Bar or 10+ filter parameters to quickly find the right fabrics

Centralised Order Management Tool

Order directly from suppliers then manage and track all your purchases on 1 dashboard

Fabric Enquiry Tool

Consult our expert's advice on suitable fabric options


Purchase without MOQ using our crowd-sourcing function

Supplier Chat Channel

Contact and coordinate orders directly with the suppliers

Customised System Integration

Integration of customer's material library to TS' transaction system

Multi-User Management System

Centrally manage orders for your nominated groups of garment suppliers

Impact management

Impact Assessment Tool

Calculate and compare the CO2 and water footprint of each fabric

Product Traceability Tool (Coming soon)

Traceable supply-chain data

Impact Management Tool

AI driven management tool to minimise CO2 footprint

Other services

Bespoke Content & Webinar

Access to articles, content, workshops / live presentation by Techstyle & its partners

Digital Session with Suppliers

Access to workshops & live presentation by suppliers