About us

The fashion industry needs radical innovation

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Our Vision

Our system of growth has relied on overconsumption, which has resulted in devastating environmental and social consequences.

So far, the apparel industry has struggled to respond due to its complex, opaque and archaic supply-chain. We believe radical changes are necessary.

Our mission is to combine innovation with technologies to reduce waste, increase efficiency, optimise resources and create transparency in the apparel supply-chain.

Change starts with sustainable sourcing

Fashion is not a rational choice but an emotional one, and we cannot expect consumers to drive the movement towards sustainability.

We believe change starts from the product, and from an environmental impact standpoint, material matters the most. From understanding raw material impacts to developing fabrics that are ready for circularity, we are catalysing sourcing sustainable fabric.

Our goal is to make sustainable textiles accessible, and empower the creatives to create amazing products made with respect and conscience to people and our planet.

Transform the industry together

The Latin word for FASHION means 'acting together'. Ironically, today’s fragmented apparel industry favours large players and marginalises the small.

Our vision is to transform this system by building an inclusive and synergistic textile B2B marketplace, that doesn't work for the few but for the many, enabling stakeholders to work together to develop new fabrics, new partnerships and ultimately a new fashion industry for the future.

Our story & approach

30 years of industry experience

Coming from a garment manufacturing powerhouse with 30+ years of industry experience, the founding team of Techstyle witnessed first-hand the challenges experienced by fashion brands and material suppliers during the apparel making processes: fragmented supply-chain, old-school and opaque sourcing processes, resulting in long sampling lead-time and wasted resources.

Techstyle was founded in 2018 with the purpose of creating an efficient and sustainable apparel supply-chain of the future.

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Aligning industry interests and efforts

With our apparel background, we understand the mentality and the dynamic between different industry stakeholders, and we design solutions to help our customers solve their biggest problems.

While sustainability is not a trend but a priority, we also acknowledge economic viability is critical for any businesses.

Our approach is to use an inclusive and neutral marketplace model to best align interests, realise synergies, and enable business to DO WELL and DO GOOD at the same time.

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We are part of the circular economy movement

Through our focus on sourcing sustainable fabric we are forming solutions to close the loop and help the industry transition from a linear to a circular economy business model in 3 ways:

Incentivising the use of less impactful materials and phase out substances of concern

Building infrastructure for closed loop recycling by improving traceability of raw fibre and enabling the resell of unutilized virgin fabric

Creating platforms to enable collaboration, innovation and information exchange to bridge the knowledge gap on recyclability during the product design phase

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Our team

Tiffany Chen

Founder & CEO

Experienced investment professional and a visionary entrepreneur. With her family business in apparel manufacturing, Tiffany brings to the team deep industry knowledge, strong network and the passion to build a more efficient, transparent and sustainable apparel industry through digitalization. Tiffany holds an MBA from INSEAD and a double bachelor in Commerce & Arts from the University of Melbourne.

Julian Diederichs


An analytical thinker and passionate entrepreneur, Julian has worked across various digital and automation projects in the automotive industry. He is a digital transformation specialist with broad consulting skillset as well as sharp execution capabilities. Julian holds an MBA from INSEAD and a Master of Mechanical Engineering from ETH.

Naomi Rosenthal


Sustainability activist and creative problem solver, Naomi has dedicated her career to transforming global supply chains. She is responsible for integrating sustainability data into TechStyle and building partnerships to enable brands to accelerate their transition to more sustainable sourcing practices. Naomi has studied at the University of Toronto and Harvard and holds a Master in Business & Development Studies from Copenhagen Business School.

Igor Trofimov

Technical Lead

Igor has worked in the IT industry for over 8 years and his work covers a diverse portfolio of projects ranging from block-chain payment software (Fractal) and market-place platforms (Roomorama). Sharp, well-seasoned and enduring leader, Igor combines his technical knowledge, creativity and people-oriented sensitivity to develop the best software solutions for end-users.