Industry knowledge and technologies are fused to create industry-bespoke solution
Reduce your product lead-time and save your sampling costs
We source from certified, sustainable suppliers and provide transparency on material origins
Who we are
Techstyle is a digital sourcing platform that connects apparel brands and fabric suppliers in the most efficient, accessible and transparent marketplace
For Brands
  • Gain efficiency & reduces lead-time through digitalized and centralized sourcing
  • Order with no MOQ limit by using our crowd-sourcing feature
  • Have transparent and detailed fabric information at your fingertips
  • Source more sustainably through our certified suppliers and integrated impact score framework
For Suppliers
  • Increased exposure to existing and potential customers
  • Optimize sales and minimize waste by selling both new and inventory materials
  • Streamline your work and save time by using our automated data upload system
  • Gain exclusive access to guidelines on industry best-practice and market insights
Catalyse sustainability in the apparel supply-chain by making it efficient, accessible and transparent through tech-innovation